This is the time of the year when Homeowners are gearing up on home improvement projects and sprucing up their property.  Homeowners are also deciding to renovate their homes instead of moving.  And some homeowners realize they need  to renovate in order to move.  This probably sounds like one of the many HGTV shows. 

The next question is should I renovate my home or sell?  The first thought that comes to mind is my home big enough or too big?  Then, there is a wish list.  "I wish I had a bigger kitchen, family room, one more bedroom, more storage space, more bathrooms, no interior steps, and the list goes on."

Other owners look outside their walls as the reason to move.  The home is situated on a busy street, it is too far from their new job, or just ready for their next house.

Maybe now is time to take a test and answer the questions below so you can make a decision on buying or listing your home.

Do you know the real estate market in your area?
Are there a lot of homes for sale?
What neighborhood is your competition? 

What is the big issue with your home?  Is it too cluttered, the roof needs work, and not enough bedrooms? Well,  if this is reason for a move, you will need to make improvements before placing the home on the market.  You may feel your home is bigger and better than the ones on the street, maybe more modest and not as updated.  This is when a realtor can assist you and making the right choices for home improvement.  

If you do decide to renovate, you should think about how many years you want to stay in the home. Maybe you are expecting to expand your household, look for a new job, and your home is already a distance away from work. This will determine your budget and make more economic sense. 

I always ask my clients, will you love your home if you remodel the kitchen, and baths.  If they start to think too long about this answer, then maybe it is time to look for the next home.

Do you Love it or want to List it?  Your best answer is to call a Realtor like Susan Weisman and receive the best possible advice and evaluation on your home.  You can reach Susan Weisman at 520 465 2020 and be assured of professional service.