You found a new home but need to sell your home as soon as possible. 

What do you do?  You and your realtor need to work together to freshen up your home and make it a wow factor for the buyers. 

The front yard is very important.  You need to keep the landscaping clean, and maybe add some plantings, and or flowers.  How does your front door look?  A simple coat of wood varnish, polish or painting will really make a difference.  Does your front door lock give you trouble?  Make sure this is working, because this will alarm the buyers about other issues.

A simple staging and rearranging of furniture will create a fresh look.  It is best to rid any worn out pieces of furniture, drapery and blinds, and replace them.  Make sure your rugs and flooring are in tip top condition.  A professional cleaner can make all the difference.

Make your home look larger by cleaning out your closets, storage areas, and children's rooms.

Make sure your countertops in the kitchen and baths  are not cluttered with gadgets and electronics.

If necessary, make a nicer flow in your dining and kitchen area by taking out the extra leafs, and limit the number of chairs.

Use a little Fen Shui, like a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, this measures prosperity.   Try to use a little bit of green in the house, a light smell of scented candles, and mirrors for light. 

Most importantly, you will sell your home more profitably by employing your Tucson Real Estate Agent.  She will help you prepare home for sale in Tucson, and in return for the best selling price.